I’m Elizabeth. I'm a passionate entrepreneur, and have been for most of my life. I am also a mother of two terrific kids, a wife and business partner to Glenn, who I think is one of the most brilliant people I know, and we live in what we think is a little piece of heaven on earth, Coronado Island, California.  I work with other passionate entrepreneurs, helping them to realize their dreams, creating their own business by combining their passion and unique skills.  Does it get any better?  

As a coach and entrepreneur, I try to always remember to “tell my story.” One of the best pieces of advice I ever received was “No one will hear you, until they know you.” Your story and how you tell it, is an extremely powerful tool.

My career began in television and radio, after graduating as a Broadcast Journalism major at Virginia Tech University.  Then, the internet rolled around. When I was hired at UUNET Technologies (the first and largest Internet Service Provider), I had actually never been on the Internet. This opportunity catapulted me on the steepest learning curve as a 20-something year old. Starting as a Channel Sales Account Manager, I proved myself and was promoted to Director of Strategic Partners and Channel Marketing in a short sevenyear period, responsible for over $300 million in revenue and key partners, and marketing initiatives with many of the Fortune 100 technology providers. When your revenue goals are multiplying ten-fold, month after month, and you are working 80+ hour weeks, you quickly learn highly effective sales strategies. This is what I like to call the “fuel by fire” training method. Over that time frame, I had the privilege of managing an incredibly high performing team of individuals, received invaluable training and learned from some of the most seasoned sales professionals in the industry. And as an added bonus, I also met the love of my life in the process and we were married and gave birth to our first child.

As the tech industry floundered and I needed a more flexible schedule with the birth of my second child, I immersed myself into the highly competitive industry of real estate. I became an agent under the umbrella of Weichert Realtors and was named one of “Top Real Estate Producers in the Metro DC Region” within two years. As my real estate career began to take off, Glenn and I co-launched an Internet marketing company that would later prove to be one of the best investments we ever made.

With two small children and a thriving real estate career, I continued to put everything else first, and myself last. This went on way too long. And then it happened . . . a major health crisis. That is the time when you realize what is truly important in life and how you want to spend it. For the next three years, I was practically bed-ridden with a debilitating case of Lyme Disease. Through this illness came extraordinary growth and realization. At this point, we were living in a large home in Northern Virginia and everything became quite overwhelming.

Then came one of the most important decisions of our lives. We chose to live in the moment. One of our dreams had been to travel the U.S. in a RV. So, knowing that we could no longer take life for granted, we did. We rented our home out to a wonderful family who agreed to care of our dog for the year, and we purchased a 40′ Class A Newmar Ventana, decked out with bunk beds, an over-sized refrigerator and fully equipped for working-on-the-road. We spent the year experiencing all the incredible experiences while exploring this great nation through 37 states over 18,000 miles. The work we had done with our Internet marketing company allowed us to financially support this dream. On this journey, we learned a few incredibly important lessons: we didn't need much to be happy as long as we were together, we work incredibly well together, mainly because we have such different skill sets, and most importantly, we could do anything if just set our minds to it. At that point, we decided to sell our home in Virginia and move to Coronado Island in Southern California. During our travels, we also discovered we wanted to be outdoors a lot more, live in a smaller home and have a much more flexible work schedule. This further pointed us in the direction of entrepreneurship.

After that year of travel, I was called to work in the field of holistic health based upon all I had learned during my own health journey as well as the journey that my daughter was undergoing, with the diagnosis of Celiac Disease. So, I trained at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, learned from some of the best integrative MDs and holistic professionals in the industry, and then started practicing the transformation work in which I had studied.  Soon after moving to Coronado, my Holistic Health and Life Coaching business quickly evolved into an online nationwide practice.

Drawing upon Glenn’s technology and operations skill set and my marketing abilities, we generated close to six-figures in the first four weeks of launching our first on-line program and were able to help hundreds of clients with varying health and life challenges.

In 2012, Glenn and I began coaching entrepreneurs looking to accelerate and expand their businesses in a big way . . .
and Freedom Accelerators was launched.

Attracting, converting and retaining clients are my favorite skills to teach entrepreneurs. In my opinion, these are the greatest tools you can ever learn for your business.

I’m Glenn – the Strategist, Operations, and Systems guy. My goal is to introduce you to methods, processes, and tools that will take your business to the next level.

My mantra for growing businesses has always been, “You don’t know what you don’t know.” And my personal mission is to introduce you to as much of this knowledge as possible, to take your business and lifestyle to a new level.

I’ve been into technology since the age of 10. I’ve been in a business for myself since 14. I worked for General Electric while Jack Welch was there. I worked with a Nobel prize winner in economics. I was one of 60 students admitted to the # 1 Master’s Program in Management at Carnegie Mellon University. I’ve also worked for Sun Microsystems, Xerox, as well several other high tech companies, in academia and in research. I’ve been a software developer, designer, architect, director, trainer, speaker and even a salesman.

Elizabeth and I believe that when you harness your passion, get productive, and manage your profit, good things will happen. ALL entrepreneurs lose focus on one or more of these 3 core areas of their business during its growth. Our job is to get you to start doing something, stop doing something, or do more or less of something in your business.

Being the youngest of five boys meant I had a lot of pressure. It also encouraged perfectionist tendencies, which, in turn, bred a nasty habit of procrastination. It took many years for me to break both habits, but when I did, I realized that failure meant I was indeed getting closer to my goals, just as Thomas Edison did with the light bulb. Although, I will admit, my discoveries had a little less of an impact! My procrastination was a way to protect my ego rather than risk negative results or feedback.

But by trying multiple strategies, I exploded my productivity and made some major accomplishments:

  • Working with Tony Robbins, motivational speaker and author, and his Global Foundation, taught me to embrace the experiences and people in my life and create opportunities through that passion.
  • Mentoring with Brian Tracy, motivational speaker and best-selling author, taught me the skills needed for speaking to influence and significantly impact an audience.
  • Training with Stu Mittleman, ultradistance running champion, fitness coach and author, taught me that I can overcome mental and physical barriers as I completed the San Francisco Marathon and climbed Mt. Rainier.
  • Working with my children (14 year old daughter and 10 year old son) every, single day has taught me that all of us need to work on the foundations and fundamentals before excelling in other areas.

As business owners, we are faced with countless tasks on a daily basis. It is our ability to select the ones that will “move the needle”, and then focus without distraction until completion, that will allow you to accelerate your path to freedom. Freedom from bosses, freedom from time, freedom from appointments, freedom from financial worries. And bring you the freedom that you desire.

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